What is Period. Sex.?

Period. Sex. is a forum for feminist ideals and the promotion of gender equality.

Period. Sex. is a series of themed newspaper-style issues aimed at furthering the discussion of feminism in art, culture, and its potential to affect the world at large through these means. Featuring artwork, poetry, expository writing, and other forms of creative media, Period. Sex. is not be a news source. Instead we hope to inspire and provide a platform for creative expression with a social function, specifically the promotion of gender equality. Through a submission-based process we are creating editions that explore different facets of feminism from heterogeneous perspectives. Ultimately, we hope that Period. Sex. will both strengthen a sense of community and serve as a tool for feminist activism within the arts.

In art history the term 'time' is often referred to as a 'period', 'sex' to invoke issues of 'gender'. The initial idea behind Period. Sex. was really a question: how will current notions of gender be remembered historically? And further, how can we concretely make a positive influence on those notions? In light of the recent and ongoing political events that threaten to thwart, or even destroy, any progress that feminism has accomplished, it is time to work harder to fix feminism as well as advance it.

Period. Sex. as a title will be inflammatory and off-putting, perhaps too 'ew' for many. But it is symbolic of an issue that many don't want to talk about, but it inevitably effects the mass majority of us all. It's time to talk about Period. Sex..

Where to Get

We are currently stocking copies of Period. Sex. in New York City at McNally Jackson, (52 Prince St.), and Bluestockings, (172 Allen St.). If you would like one delivered you can reserve a copy through our Indiegogo campaign, (found through our donations page).